ESPN’s Howard Bryant Trashes Tom Brady, Bill Belichick For Aaron Hernandez Response

August 6, 2013 2:25 PM
ESPN’s Howard Bryant Trashes Tom Brady, Bill Belichick For Aaron Hernandez Response
" BOSTON (CBS) — Just about everyone who is not directly involved with the murder of Odin Lloyd and the subsequent arrest of Aaron Hernandez has moved on. If you’re not an investigator, a lawyer or a judge, there’s not much you can do or say from the outside that can have any sort of impact on the tragedy or the court case.

Nevertheless, ESPN’s Howard Bryant has not moved on, and he is a very angry man.

His anger, conveyed in a column for ESPN The Magazine, was directed mostly at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Their offense: Not saying enough in the wake of the arrest of Hernandez and the murder charges he’s currently facing.

Bryant spends a brief 711 words pontificating about how awful Brady and Belichick are as humans. Here’s a taste:

“[When Hernandez was arrested], Belichick was on vacation "

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