Felger & Mazz: August 26, 2013

August 27, 2013 2:00 AM
Felger & Mazz: August 26, 2013
" Felger and Mazz opened up their show Monday afternoon by discussing the Red Sox after an impressive 4-2 road trip. With the Red Sox remaining in the driver’s seat in the AL East, has Mazz finally given in to admitting the Sox are a playoff team? Did John Farrell learn from his managing mistakes during the trip? And should Xander Bogaerts be playing third base everyday over Will Middlebrooks? The guys break it down.

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In the second hour of Felger of Mazz, the guys dissect David Ortiz’s comments over the weekend on the Ryan Dempster drilling Alex Rodriguez with a pitch last weekend. They also reflect on the comments by Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez on their former team. The duo also look back at the blowout loss by the Patriots to the Lions "

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