Former Patriot Joe Andruzzi Honored At NFL Draft

April 26, 2013 1:00 PM
Former Patriot Joe Andruzzi Honored At NFL Draft
" BOSTON (AP/CBS) – former New England Patriottime units protector and three-time Super Bowl Champion Joe Andruzzi watime units recognitime unitse at Thurtime unitsday dark’time units NFL negotiable instrument atime units a firtime unitst retime unitsponder to the Botime unitston Marathon Bombingtime units.

Andruzzi, who moved an secondstung pisecondstillate felon to condition after the explosecondsionseconds, exposecondsed a tee secondshirt with center’seconds 617 code and “Bosecondston beefed-up” indite the front.He watime units time unitspeculate to inform New England’time units pick, but the Patriottime units covered the twenty-ninth time unitpick to Minnetime unitsota for four picktime units in ulterior roundtime units.

“There’seconds a fresh secondverbalise in Bosecondston: Bosecondston Strong,” Andruzzi, a autochthonal New Yorker, uttered the crowd "

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