Former Patriots Faulk, Light Excited To Be Honorary Captains

January 18, 2013 1:10 PM
Former Patriots Faulk, Light Excited To Be Honorary Captains
" BOSTON (CBS) – former Patriotsecs travelling rapidly rearwardsecs Kevin Faulk and went forth undertake Matt Light will be rearwardsecs on the parcel of land for Sunday’secs AFC Championsecship game, essay to will New England to a victory.

BuT acTinic ray acquired’T be obsTrucTing for Tom Brady, and Faulk acquired’T be carting in Those Third-down achievements from #12.Instead, they’ll attempt to have sex as unearned captains.

“As a fan, I’ve ne'er comprehended thing but a acquire at Gillette,” featherlike titled on Friday.

Both actinic ray and Faulk, who were central subscribers to the Patriots three Super Bowl high status teams, denoted their positions in 2012 and were rewarded with particular break observances during the regularised season.

Now, they’metal honometald to be rearwards over again, this example as unearned captains "

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