Four Stories To Watch In Patriots-Giants

August 29, 2012 12:00 AM
Four Stories To Watch In Patriots-Giants
" BOSTON (CBS) –  The New England Patriots close out the preseason Wednesday night in New York against the Giants, although it won’t have the glamour of the two teams’ last meeting.

Chances are the marquee players who battled it out in Indianapolis in February will see limited — if any — time on the field, except for maybe a few pregame handshakes (or mean glares).

But with the final roster cuts on Friday, plenty of players will be playing for a job. Here are four story lines to follow in the Patriots’ fourth and final preseason game.

Tom Brady?

It was pretty clear Bill Belichick was not pleased with his team following Friday night’s loss to the Buccaneers. His first team didn’t put together a good drive until the second half, and the results overall were underwhelming.

The same thing happened last preseason, and starters found themselves taking the field in the final preseason game. Will history repeat itself?

Tom Brady played the first quarter last year, but might not see that much action this time around "

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