Four Ups, Four Downs From Patriots’ Blowout Win Over Steelers

November 4, 2013 1:42 AM
Four Ups, Four Downs From Patriots’ Blowout Win Over Steelers
" BOSTON (CBS) – Last week against Miami, the Patriots had two of their ugliest quarters to start the game, forcing themselves to scrap their way to a comeback victory.

This week against the Steelers, the Patriots went ahead and took care of business right out of the gate, saving themselves some trouble in the second half.

The Patriots opened up a 14-0 lead before Pittsburgh was able to get on the board, and after a Ben Roethlisberger touchdown pass late in the second quarter cut the Pats’ lead to just seven points, they responded by driving all the way down the field to stretch the lead to two touchdowns once again.

Though they faltered in the third quarter and allowed the Steelers to tie the game, they applied pressure on the gas pedal in the fourth to run away with a 55-31 victory.

Before they head into the bye, here’s a look at four ups and four downs from the win.


Tom Brady Perhaps for the first time in his career, Tom Brady has had to listen to a lot of folks doubt his ability this year "

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