Fred Toucher: NFL Executives Making Garbage Excuses For Lack Of Interest In Michael Sam

February 11, 2014 4:53 PM
Fred Toucher: NFL Executives Making Garbage Excuses For Lack Of Interest In Michael Sam
" Fred Toucher weighed in on the Michael Sam discussion on Tuesday, saying that any GM that says the Missouri defensive end isn’t good enough to make it in the NFL is simply making excuses for having a poorly run team.

“I find this to be an absolute copout,” Fred said of executives’ anonymous quotes in MMQB. “He was the SEC defensive player of the year, and he was an All-America. He’s undersized for a defensive end, but there are stars in the league that are as big as he is that play outside linebacker. Stars in the league that are his size.

“He’s certainly good enough to get drafted. Certainly.”

Fred said the Patriots would be the one team that would easily draft Sam if available in the right spot.

“The Patriots would be a perfect place for Michael Sam,” Fred said. “They have an owner who’s Teflon, who’s very important in the league. They have an ability to control their locker room, and they have a head coach that no one is going to mess with "

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