Janay Rice Regrets Role In Ray Rice’s Alleged Asssault; Ravens Make Disturbing Choice To Tweet Quote

May 23, 2014 8:03 PM " BOSTON (CBS) — We all like football. Football is fun. Football is great. But when does a society’s love for a sport go too far, and when does it bend the norms so much that the world seems like it’s been turned upside-down?

On Friday afternoon, we all found out.

Ray Rice, who was shown this offseason on video dragging his unconscious wife out of an elevator after allegedly knocking her out days before their wedding, spoke to the media on Friday. Rice and his wife were seated in front of the Ravens’ backdrop, and the Ravens’ official Twitter account was eager to report as many quotes as possible to make a contrite Rice appear to be a sympathetic figure.

“First off, I would like to apologize,” Rice said, per the Twitter account, which added that he apologized to the Ravens organization, his fans, kids, and “everyone who was affected.”

Then, in what was perhaps the worst choice of words ever used by anyone on the planet, Rice said the following:

“I won’t call myself a failure. Failure is not getting knocked down "

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