Mike Pereira On Felger & Mazz: Gronkowski Penalty ‘Marginal Call’

September 17, 2012 12:00 AM
Mike Pereira On Felger & Mazz: Gronkowski Penalty ‘Marginal Call’
" Felger and Massarotti were joined by former vice president of NFL officiating Mike Pereira to discuss the second week of replacement referees in the NFL.

How would Pereira grade the refs in yesterdays Cardinal-Patriots game? Did the refs blow the holding call on Rob Gronkowski?

“I just looked at it again and I would give it what I call an ‘MC.’ What that would be called in our grading vocabulary is what I would call a marginal call,” Pereira said. “You could make that into a hold because Gronkowski does go outside the shoulder and grab him, and the defender does make a reach, but that’s not a lot different than what you see on every play.

“I just don’t think you want that called. That’s what marginal would be. It’s, ‘OK, we’ll give you credit for this, but don’t call that again.’ It just needs to be bigger [to be called a penalty] "

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