Ochocinco Experiment Ends In Failure For Patriots

June 7, 2012 12:00 AM
Ochocinco Experiment Ends In Failure For Patriots
" BOSTON (CBS) — Despite the fact that he caught just 16 total passes in 16 games for the Patriots, Chad Ochocinco always managed to be a big story in New England. Never before has such an insignificant player generated more headlines, more hours of sports radio debate and more fan discussion than Ochocinco, even though he accounted for exactly six of the Patriots’ 547 points last season.

Unfortunately for Ochocinco, he won’t be making headlines in New England this summer, after the Patriots released him on Thursday afternoon after unsuccessfully attempting to trade him.

That no other NFL team was willing to give anything up to acquire the services of an 11-year veteran with 766 catches, more than 11,000 yards and 67 touchdowns tells you all you need to know about just how badly the Ocho-in-New England experiment failed.

That fact is not surprising, really, but the reasons for it certainly weren’t what most expected. If anything, it was assumed that the trade for Ochocinco last summer was risky only for fear that he may misbehave or become the dreaded “off-the-field distraction” that his reputation said he might be "

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