Over/Under 2.5 Quarterbacks On Patriots Week 1 Roster?

May 14, 2014 12:10 PM
Over/Under 2.5 Quarterbacks On Patriots Week 1 Roster?
" BOSTON (CBS) – With a full five-hour show on Tuesday night, Adam Jones had plenty of time to play a little Over/Under onĀ Game of Jones.

In this edition, Jones and Rich Keefe go Over/Under with the following topics:

- Amount of total goals in Bruins-Canadiens Game 7: 5

“I expect a low scoring game. If you’re gonna find a comparable game I think it’s going to be more like Game 4, maybe not 0-0 going into overtime, but low scoring, not a lot of penalties and maybe even a little tentative. I think it’s going to be under five goals, maybe like a 2-1 game or something like that,” said Jones.

- Number of power plays for Montreal in Game 7: 2.5

“I will say over. I think they’re gonna get like three or four. That’s where they’ll get their goals Wednesday night. However I don’t think the referees will be a huge part of the storyline,” said Jones.

“There’s no Joey Crawford out there who’s going to make it all about himself — so that’s good,” joked Rich Keefe "

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