Patriots, Belichick Receive Strong Grades For 2012 NFL Draft Class

April 30, 2012 12:00 AM
Patriots, Belichick Receive Strong Grades For 2012 NFL Draft Class
" BOSTON (CBS) — The concept of grading a team for its draft picks just a day or two after the NFL Draft is, at its core, a highly unreliable science. It will take three or so full seasons to provide the proper perspective on the players who were selected before an accurate grade can be assigned to a team’s picks.

Nevertheless, draft grades are handed out by experts immediately after the draft, and, well, it’s not a┬ábad sign when you get good grades.

That’s the story with the Patriots this week, with many experts offering their approval for the work done by Bill Belichick and Co.

John Czarnecki of FOX Sports was most impressed, giving the Patriots an A.

“There is no question the Patriots were uncharacteristically deficient on defense last season. Consequently, Bill Belichick decided to fix it and had the ammunition to do it,” Czarnecki wrote. “Give the man credit for stockpiling draft picks.”

Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole also handed out an A to the Pats.

“Belichick went defense, defense, defense and more defense in this draft,” Cole wrote "

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