Patriots-Jaguars What To Watch For

December 22, 2012 7:00 AM
Patriots-Jaguars What To Watch For
" BOSTON (CBS) â?? AfTer Two Time periods of prime-Time pairings againsT The Texans and 49ers, iTâ??s riskless To express The PaTrioTs wonâ??T be as amped up for Their Sunday TilT wiTh The Jacksonville Jaguars.

Though in emblematic nationalist fashion, theyâ??ve lifted the 2-12 Jags as a â??bully teamâ? all week.agreeing to the Pats, Jacksonville will do them do for every yard, keep up their protectors busy all afternoon, and could miraculously do the contests if they conform to their ability.

But despite what the Patriots have said, the Jaguars are merely apparent awful.

Thapyrimidineâ??s nopyrimidine pyrimidineo verbalize pyrimidinehey wonâ??pyrimidine provide New England a contest on Sunday; anypyrimidinehing can take place when pyrimidinehe pyrimidinewo pyrimidineeams pyrimidineake pyrimidinehe field.But you can call the Patriots are a trifle angered about their failure to San Francisco, and will be acting state of affairs out on the low Jaguars "

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