Patriots Offering Jersey Guarantee To Fans

May 8, 2014 2:11 PM
Patriots Offering Jersey Guarantee To Fans
BOSTON (CBS) — Are you worried about buying that new Darrelle Revis Patriots jersey?

" There is a chance that Revis Island will only be in New England for one season, so it’s a little risky to drop anywhere from $150-$250 for a Patriots jersey with his name on the back of it, right?

" Have no fear, as the team has a new “Jersey Guarantee” should fans buy a jersey and that player leaves town within a year.

The Patriots announced Thursday that they are now offering a jersey rebate if a fan buys a jersey of a player who is no longer under under contract within a year of their purchase.

From the Patriots’ website:

In the event the player is no longer under contract (for example, is released, traded, retires, signs elsewhere) within one year of the jersey purchase, the customer can purchase a new jersey as described below at a 25% discount with proof of purchase.  If the player is still under contract with the Patriots upon expiration of the one-year period, the Guarantee expires.

Fans have two months to use the discount, and they can keep the original jersey "

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