Patriots’ Penalty In Overtime Allows Jets To Win In Overtime

October 20, 2013 8:47 PM
Patriots’ Penalty In Overtime Allows Jets To Win In Overtime
" BOSTON (CBS) — Dan Dierdorf has been in football for more than 40 years, yet the CBS color commentator saw something in Sunday afternoon’s Patriots-Jets game that he had never witnessed before, and it came at a most surprising time.

The Jets lined up for a 56-yard game-winning field goal attempt in overtime. Nick Folk’s kick sailed wide left, but the officials threw a penalty flag on the play. Patriots rookie defensive lineman Chris Jones was called for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“On the play, unsportsmanlike conduct, defense number 94, for pushing an opponent … into the pile,” referee Jerome Boger announced to the raucous Jets home crowd. “Fifteen-yard penalty, automatic first down.”

Boger later explained the call to pool reporter Mike Reiss.

“The call was that No. 94 on the defense pushed his teammate into the formation. That is a rule change for 2013 that a teammate cannot push a teammate into the opponents’ formation,” Boger said. “The umpire’s flag went up almost instantaneously as he observed the action. We just enforced it as he called it.”

The penalty call changed the game completely "

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