Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl: Picking A Winner, And Having Fun With Some Prop Bets

January 31, 2014 11:30 AM
Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl: Picking A Winner, And Having Fun With Some Prop Bets
" BOSTON (CBS) — Normally, this is truly the saddest week of the sports year. The two weeks of Super Bowl hype is unusually bearable, simply because we all know what’s coming next: the final football game of the year.

As annoying as media day can be, and as foolish as some of the off-field story lines are (do we really need to hear Marshawn Lynch give stock answers to reporters’ questions?), and as painful as the two-week wait can be, we all put up with it because it’s the last bit of real NFL we’ll have until September. And that — if you’ll pardon my French — stinks. It stinks a lot.

For as much as we like to bash Roger Goodell, and the officials, and certain players, and ridiculous stadium policies, and outrageous ticket prices, and the never-ending sequence of commercial breaks, and the league’s hypocrisy about “player safety,” and anything else that is simply foolish about the NFL … we still absolutely love it. And the reality that it’s coming to an end is usually a soul-crushing reality here in late January and early February.

But for me, this year is a little bit different "

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