Sign Welker To Long-Term Deal? Gresh & Zo Have Varying Opinions

July 16, 2012 12:00 AM
Sign Welker To Long-Term Deal? Gresh & Zo Have Varying Opinions
" With the 4 pm deadline just a few hours away, it doesn’t appear the New England Patriots and Wes Welker will agree on a long-term deal.

That means Welker will play the 2012 season under the franchise tag. Would that be a good move by the Patriots, or would it be smarter to lock him up long-term now?

Gresh and Zolak have very different trains of thought on this one.

“I don’t think one will get done, but it should get done,” said Zolak. “I don’t want to see this guy hit free agency next year. I think it’s risky; I think it’s very risky.”

“That is where you and I part ways. I think the Patriots are playing this perfectly,” said Gresh. “Let him play it year-to-year. I don’t see the need to invest in this guys at that dollar amount with all of the weapons you now have.”

“If it gets done, it’s because Wes Welker settled to be able to get it done, not because he held true to this is the number and you guys have to meet it,” added Gresh "

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