Socci: Ever-Reliable Gostkowski Keeps Makes, Misses In Past

September 11, 2013 3:50 PM
Socci: Ever-Reliable Gostkowski Keeps Makes, Misses In Past
" BOSTON (CBS) – On the first Sunday of his eighth season in the NFL, Stephen Gostkowski lined up just beyond the 25-yard line, about 25 minutes by car from the place he lived during the first eight years of his life.

Already, Gostkowski had kicked two field goals, the second with 10:48 remaining to draw his New England Patriots within 21-20 of the Buffalo Bills.  Now, with nine seconds left, he was summoned for another.

With more than a dozen family members sitting inside Ralph Wilson Stadium, Gostkowski cued snapper Danny Aiken and holder Ryan Allen.  One delivered to the next and Gostkowski hit the game-winner for a 23-21 Patriots victory.

“It’s super exciting to get to walk off the field and you put the last points on the board.  It’s very humbling,” said Gostkowski, who spent his early childhood in nearby Amherst, N.Y.  “Finally, I get a game where I get like 16 tickets for family, and they get to see a good ending.”

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Even before it began, as he told Patriots reporter Brian Lowe, Gostkowski had a good feeling during warm-ups.  He then validated that confidence from 48, 33 and, lastly, 35 yards out "

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