The D.A. Show: Levan Reid Talks Demps, Stallworth and Lloyd

August 23, 2012 12:00 AM
The D.A. Show: Levan Reid Talks Demps, Stallworth and Lloyd
" WBZ-TV’s Patriots reporter Levan Reid stopped by The D.A. Show Wednesday night to talk all things Patriots.

After a few minutes of Roger Clemens and steroid talk, Levan and DA move on to the Pats’ newest special teams threat, Jeff Demps. The former Florida Gator and Olympian practiced with his new team for the first time Wednesday in Tampa. He could make a difference on kickoff returns, something the Patriots have lacked for the past few seasons.

“He’s a better sprinter than he is a football player,” Reid said of Demps. “I know he was a running back at Florida, so he can play the game. But he decided not to touch a football after his January 1st Bowl Game to become a sprinter for the Olympics… He’s not a slow guy. They haven’t had speed like this since Bethel Johnson, and haven’t had a consistent kick returner since Ellis Hobbs.”

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“I don’t know the last time the Patriots went out and got a specialist like that,” said Levan "

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