The Mothership, Damon Amendolara Connect To Felger & Mazz: Belichick Made Welker Situation Personal

January 28, 2014 9:55 PM " BOSTON (CBS) – The Mothership reconnected to 98.5 The Sports Hub on Tuesday afternoon, as Damon Amendolara joined Felger & Mazz on Radio Row in New York.

Amendolara, is no stranger to Patriots fans, and while he understands how much the team overachieved in 2013 given the their injury situation, there still should be some criticism thrown Bill Belichick’s way for putting the best offense he could around quarterback Tom Brady.

“Personally for me, the way I saw this Patriots season, they overachieved because of the injuries but bigger picture you have to criticize them because you only have a limited of chances with Tom Brady,” said Amendolara. “They should be held to the fire for not spending money to help that offense more.”

Amendolara said letting Wes Welker leave in free agency was a big mistake, and something Belichick made personal. It was evident that Welker is still getting to Bill when the head coach called out his former receiver for his hit on Aqib Talib in the AFC Championship game "

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