The Pros And Cons Of Seahawks Winning Super Bowl, From A Patriots Perspective

January 28, 2014 12:00 PM
The Pros And Cons Of Seahawks Winning Super Bowl, From A Patriots Perspective
" BOSTON (CBS) — So, here we are. It’s Super Bowl week, and the entire football world has flocked to New York City for the week-long hype session that leads up to the big game. Surely, every angle, every matchup and every bit of off-the-field nonsense will be covered, covered again and then beaten into the ground. And very few of them will be of much interest to die-hard football fans in New England, because the Patriots won’t be involved in any of them.

The Patriots lost to the Broncos just last weekend, though it feels as if the season ended several months ago. By now, reality has set in that the Patriots will not be playing for another Lombardi Trophy, and that no matter which way you slice it, Super Bowl Sunday is going to be a tough one to watch.

Yet the participants — the Broncos and Seahawks — have been determined, and they’re not going to change. So to help sort out your rooting interest, or at least try to figure out which team is the lesser of two evils, here’s a run-through of the pros and cons of a potential Seattle victory "

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