Time To Appreciate Greatness Of Tom Brady-Peyton Manning Matchup

November 23, 2013 11:35 AM
Time To Appreciate Greatness Of Tom Brady-Peyton Manning Matchup
" BOSTON (CBS) — The sport of football does not offer too many opportunities to stop and smell the roses, but on Sunday night, perhaps during one of the many TV timeouts, we should all set aside a moment to appreciate what we’re all fortunate enough to be witnessing.

We’ll be watching as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning once again go toe-to-toe. It will be their 14th meeting, which might make it seem like old hat at this point. Yet, with the 37-year-old Manning hobbling on a bad ankle, and with the general unpredictability of the NFL, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be seeing many more of these.

The “rivalry” must now exist only in quotes, as the two quarterbacks have both cemented their places in the game’s history at this point. Certainly, the rivalry was a lot better in its early stages, back before legacies had been written and Hall of Fame busts hadn’t already begun being molded. Those were the days when Manning was a choker, when Brady always won the big game, and when the Colts were disliked in New England more than any of the Patriots’ divisional rivals, and perhaps second only to the Yankees overall "

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