Tom Brady Poses With Dog On Magazine Cover, Discusses Future After Football

August 17, 2012 12:00 AM
Tom Brady Poses With Dog On Magazine Cover, Discusses Future After Football
" BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady is not afraid. He’s not afraid of scary dogs, and he’s not afraid of being mocked by his teammates for posing with a dog collar.

Tom Brady on the cover of VMAN

The future Hall of Fame quarterback proved that by posing with a Doberman on the cover of VMAN magazine, a quarterly publication geared toward men. Brady appears on the cover letting out his bark next to the dog, and inside the magazine he poses while wearing a dog collar. In another photo, the dog appears to be taking a bite out of his golden right arm (we think it’s safe to assume there was some editing work done on this one, as Robert Kraft would be most unlikely to sign off on that one).

Tom Brady in VMAN Magazine

In the accompanying article, Brady discussed his future beyond football, a thought he still struggles to fully comprehend. But don’t expect a new web series to follow his Funny Or Die hit from earlier this year.

“I have to do something … I don’t know,” Brady said of his post-football life. “It’s hard to think about where my interests will take me "

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