Tom Brady Ranked As 4th-Best Player In NFL In 2011 By Peers,13th By Pro Football Focus

June 28, 2012 12:00 AM
Tom Brady Ranked As 4th-Best Player In NFL In 2011 By Peers,13th By Pro Football Focus
" BOSTON (CBS) — If you thought Tom Brady was underrated in NFL Network’s top 100 list when he was ranked the fourth-best player in the league by his peers, then you are not going to like this.

The Patriots’ quarterback was ranked as the 13th-best player in the NFL in 2011 by Pro Football Focus, a website that aims “to provide the most in-depth, accurate and thought-provoking information on professional football player performance available on the web.”

The No. 13 ranking is actually an improvement from Brady’s ranking in 2010, when Pro Football Focus ranked him as the 33rd best player that year, despite the fact that he was unanimously named MVP that season.

“[Brady] is outside the Top 10 because he just didn’t challenge teams vertically this season,” Khaled Elsayed explained on the site. ”Brady completed just 20 passes that went over 20 yards in the air (15th in the NFL) and had some of his worst games against the best teams. He still firmly in command of a New England team that steamrolls most foes.”

The deep passing stat can’t be overlooked, but Brady threw for 5,235 yards this season, the second-most of anybody ever "

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