Tom Brady’s Historic Postseason Career

January 15, 2014 12:00 PM
Tom Brady’s Historic Postseason Career
" BOSTON (CBS) — It takes more than one player to win a football game, but when the same quarterback is at the helm for a record number of postseason victories, it is surely no coincidence.

That quarterback in New England, of course, has been Tom Brady, who last week added to his NFL record for most playoff wins with his 18th postseason victory.

Brady didn’t lead the way, per se, in that 43-22 win over the Colts, as the running game accounted for all six New England touchdowns. Yet Brady’s steady presence and ability to check into running plays when the defense shows a weakness was just the latest example of Brady’s willingness to win by any means necessary.

While the quarterback hasn’t won the big one in nearly a decade, he remains one of the best quarterbacks in the league and indeed one of the best of all time. His playoff record is now 18-7, good for a .720 winning percentage. That’s better than his childhood hero, Joe Montana, who owned a 16-7 postseason record for a .696 winning percentage "

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