Tom Brady Smartly Flashes His Wheels And Other Leftover Patriots Thoughts

October 28, 2013 11:00 AM
Tom Brady Smartly Flashes His Wheels And Other Leftover Patriots Thoughts
" BOSTON (CBS) — Typically, if you are a Patriots fan and you elect to boo the team off the field at halftime, you deserve to be made to feel some shame the next day.

But, whether you were inside Gillette or on your couch, if you were one of the boo birds on Sunday,  you are forgiven.

Bleak does not even begin to describe the picture for the Patriots after two quarters. Tom Brady had twenty-five passing yards. The team had three points. They had scored just nine points in their last four quarters. It was fair to wonder what world we were all living in, because one where the Patriots are that inept offensively is not one we’ve seen since Y2K was a real concern.

You only had to be human to understand where these boos were coming from.

Yet, somehow, some way, Bill Belichick’s team scored the next 24 points of the game, won another divisional game and walked away with a ho-hum 6-2 record, third-best in the Conference.

It all happened so fast, so let’s run through all of the leftover thoughts from the Patriots’ 27-17 victory over the Dolphins "

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