Tom Brady Will Be Without Five Top Receivers, But Offense Should Survive Just Fine

July 18, 2013 4:48 PM
Tom Brady Will Be Without Five Top Receivers, But Offense Should Survive Just Fine
" BOSTON (CBS) — If you care about the Patriots and also have a set of ears then you’ve heard by now that Tom Brady will start the season without his five leading receivers from 2012. It’s a factoid that was at first an interesting nugget but has since become the brush used to paint a very bleak picture for the Patriots offense. Tom Brady, soon to turn 36 years old, will be left by his lonesome, standing on a football field, trying to outplay 11 opponents, all without any help from any competent receivers in a wasted season.

Well, maybe the talk hasn’t gone that far off the rails just yet, but it seems to be on that path. There have, however, been comparisons made to 2006 — when the receiving corps included Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel and Chad Jackson — which is enough to inspire nightmares throughout New England. To try to change the course a bit, let’s spend a little time looking at just who will be on the receiving end of Brady’s passes when Patriots training camp kicks off in a week "

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