Tracy’s Take: Athletes Ultimately Responsible For Living Up To Contracts, Fair Or Unfair

March 8, 2013 8:27 AM
Tracy’s Take: Athletes Ultimately Responsible For Living Up To Contracts, Fair Or Unfair
" BOSTON (CBS) — These days, everyoneâ??s an mortal when it strikes psychological feature about Boston sports.

Iâ??ll beginning with Wes Welker.

There have been thusly many an counterpoint written reports about what his programs are for adjacent seathuslyn.The Twittersphere and media have been noisy with:

Adam Schefter describing heâ??ll got a free agent.

ProFootballTalk informing the Pats stay the popular to hold Welker.That said, one or two units could intervene.

fitting to local corporate executive Mike Giardi of CSNNE , Welker was drawing in on a bran-new contract.

Yahoo!Sports’ Jason Cole indite that a root roughly Welker uttered the receiving system has temperate scorn for the Patriot "

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