Wendell: Work Ethic Matters More Than Draft Stock In New England

April 20, 2014 1:00 PM
Wendell: Work Ethic Matters More Than Draft Stock In New England
" BOSTON (CBS) - Newly re-signed Patriots center Ryan Wendell joined Bob Socci to talk about the  NFL Draft and the way things work behind the scenes in New England. He started off by saying how fortunate he felt to be able to return to the team for two more seasons after inking his new deal.

Wendell’s path to the NFL was different than most, as his name wasn’t called on draft day and he signed with the Patriots as an undrafted free agent. From there he made the practice squad out of training camp, worked his way on to the roster, and ultimately into a starting position on the offensive line.

Going into the 2008 draft there was a slight chance that Wendell would be drafted in the late rounds, but he pretty much knew he was going into undrafted free agency. It was a stressful weekend for him nonetheless as he tried to keep up on all of the offensive line additions around the league.

After his name wasn’t called in the draft a number of teams called him on the phone, but one stuck out to him "

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