Wes Welker Suggests John Fox Didn’t Have Broncos Prepared For Crowd Noise At Super Bowl

February 4, 2014 5:15 PM
Wes Welker Suggests John Fox Didn’t Have Broncos Prepared For Crowd Noise At Super Bowl
BOSTON (CBS) — Wes Welker has already seemingly burned a bridge with one NFL head coach, but might he have done the same with his current boss?

" MMQB’s Greg Bedard wrote a story the day after the Super Bowl that’s gaining some traction on Tuesday. In particular, Bedard uses a quote from Welker about the Broncos’ flub on the opening play of the Super Bowl, when center Manny Ramirez snapped the ball to nobody. The ball rolled into the end zone, resulting in a safety which gave Seattle a 2-0 lead and turned the ball over.

Welker made no bones about it, saying the Broncos weren’t prepared for the crowd noise.

“That’s the way the start of any Super Bowl is: It’s going to be loud,” Welker, now a veteran of three Super Bowls (all losses), said. “The fans are going to be yelling. They don’t really know why they’re yelling — it’s just the start of the Super Bowl. We didn’t prepare very well for that, and it showed.”

NFL added to the story, noting that Denver head coach John Fox actually turned down the volume of the crowd noise at practice on Wednesday "

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