What’s Up With Wes Welker’s Role?

September 17, 2012 12:00 AM
What’s Up With Wes Welker’s Role?
" BOSTON (CBS) – After the Patriots season opener, there were some questions surrounding the playing time of receiver Wes Welker.

His role seemed diminished, with the Patriots veering towards their tight end duo of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez (hard to argue with that), but many chalked it up to it being one game into a new season. Matchups would change game-to-game and Welker’s role would likely return to what Patriots fans have become used to — Welker on the field for nearly every snap and one of Tom Brady’s main targets.

But once again, that was not the case in Sunday’s 20-18 loss at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals. Welker started the game on the bench, and served as New England’s third wide receiver behind Brandon Lloyd and Julian Edelman on the depth chart.

Welker ended up playing 63 snaps on Sunday, according to ESPNBoston ’s Mike Reiss, with Edelman on the field for 75. More surprising is when the Patriots were in a two-receiver set, it was Edelman who saw the bulk of the action alongside Lloyd, taking 15 of 18 snaps to Welker’s three "

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