Before The Debate: We Want Your Questions For Markey Vs. Gomez

May 20, 2013 9:08 PM
Before The Debate: We Want Your Questions For Markey Vs. Gomez
" BOSTON (CBS) – U.S. Senate politicians Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez will move in a unfilmed discussion on Wednesday, June 5, from 7-to-8 p.m., and we desire you to be relation of the action.

Markey and Gomez will consider board the WBZ works with inquirings from yours genuinely and a Boston Globe reporter.You can check the give-and-take on WBZ-TV, CBSBoston , boston , bostonglobe , or comprehend it reside on WBZ-AM NewsRadio 1030.

You can act by sending away me a query for likely usage in the argumentation at this e-mail address: .

Guidelines: in these debates, each query will be intercommunicate of both candidates.thus keep off your thoughts issue-oriented and in order for all three to address.

detain mind, this is a competition for U.S "

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