Behind The Mic With Joe Mathieu: Sequester Cuts July 4th Celebrations

July 3, 2013 11:00 AM
Behind The Mic With Joe Mathieu: Sequester Cuts July 4th Celebrations
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" BOSTON (CBS) – ┬áRemember the sequester?

" Congress and the White House never did find a way to prevent the across-the-board budget cuts, as we’re reminded by stories like this one.

Fourth of July fireworks have been canceled at major military bases including Fort Bragg, North Carolina, which has held a show for about 50,000 soldiers and family members the last 30 years.

Shaw Air Force base in South Carolina is also scrapping fireworks this year. It will offer face painting and bouncy castles to the roughly 35,000 people who attend.

Even Joint Base Peal Harbor has canceled its fireworks on the 4th.

Makes me think back a few months to when they floated the idea of canceling White House tours because of the budget cuts. People were outraged. They said it was just about playing politics.

This feels similar "

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