Behind The Mic With Joe Mathieu: What Was Behind Ed Markey's Vote?

September 5, 2013 11:00 AM
Behind The Mic With Joe Mathieu: What Was Behind Ed Markey's Vote?
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" BOSTON (CBS) –  It’s not often you see a Washington lawmaker choose not to weigh-in on a critical issue. Especially at the committee level.

But that’s exactly what Senator Ed Markey did Wednesday when faced with a vote on the authorization of force in Syria. He did not vote to approve it. And he did not vote it down.

Instead he voted “present.”

For what it’s worth, it’s considered a huge honor for a senator to sit on the Foreign Relations Committee – tasked with making very important and difficult decisions on a regular basis with the information available.

Every other member of the panel yesterday voted yes or no.

Senator Markey explained his vote by saying he needs to do more homework and consider more classified intelligence "

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