Casino Mogul Steve Wynn: ‘Everything About Obamacare Is Incorrect’

December 16, 2013 9:11 PM
Casino Mogul Steve Wynn: ‘Everything About Obamacare Is Incorrect’
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" BOSTON (CBS) — During today’s suitability hearing for the proposed Everett casino before the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, casino mogul Steve Wynn spent close to thirty minutes during a break answering reporters’ questions.

And he went on at some length in response to a question from WBZ’s Jon Keller about the impact of federal health care reform on Wynn’s gambling empire.

“I’ve been a health care provider for 45 years and everything about those 2,700 pages is incorrect,” Wynn said of the bill. “It’s not the notion that it would be nice to make health care affordable for everyone "

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