Deal Responsible For Lack Of TV Attack Ads In Brown-Warren Senate Race

June 17, 2012 12:00 AM
Deal Responsible For Lack Of TV Attack Ads In Brown-Warren Senate Race
" BOSTON (AP) — In the tight Massachusetts Senate race, GOP incumbent Scott Brown has spent weeks questioning Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren’s claim of Native American heritage, while Warren portrays Brown as a darling of Wall Street.

The rhetoric is constant, sometimes caustic and all but invisible from the ad campaign waged on television.

That’s because Brown and Warren signed a deal to discourage third party groups from running television, radio and online ads in Massachusetts. At this point, at least, their pleas seem to have been heard and two are leading by example.

In his TV ads, Brown shows himself as a cheerful bipartisan lawmaker, doting father and supportive husband. No mention is made of the issue that’s become the near sole focus of his campaign: Warren’s flummoxed handling of questions about her heritage.

Warren also has run a tougher campaign off-screen than on.

At campaign stops, she routinely refers to Brown as “Wall Street’s favorite senator,” a phrase that’s absent from her TV ads, which aim to portray her as a fighter for the middle class "

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