Former Governors Pay Tribute To Paul Cellucci At State House

June 13, 2013 6:55 PM
Former Governors Pay Tribute To Paul Cellucci At State House
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" BOSTON (CBS) – There was a terminal acknowledgment Thursday to former politician Paul Cellucci.Family, mortals and political leaders garner at the State House for a recognition work to reward him.On Saturday the 65-year-old politico suffered his lengthy conflict with ALS.

They came with from all areas of the state, the administrative division and the landmass to express farewell to him today.

blood group male child from a small town who ne'er suffered an vote and ne'er suffered the common touch that did him thus winning and thus loved "

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Both Sides Of The Political Aisle Pay Tribute To Gov. Cellucci

Honorary state police pallbearers carried the former governor's repose in the Hall of Flags, where the public will be able to pay last respects.

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