Gomez, Markey Enter Final Week Of US Senate Race

June 18, 2013 3:20 AM
Gomez, Markey Enter Final Week Of US Senate Race
" BOSTON (AP) — The candidates in Massachusetts’ special U.S. Senate election weighed in Monday on President Barack Obama’s decision to begin arming rebels in Syria, while new campaign finance reports show Democrat Edward Markey holding a fundraising edge over Republican Gabriel Gomez as the race enters its final week.

Markey offered cautious support for Obama’s plan saying he supports providing light arms to rebels battling Syrian President Bashar Assad as long as the CIA can guarantee the arms are going to “carefully vetted, pro-democracy insurgent groups.”

“That is the job which the CIA will have to try to accomplish — to identify those groups that are democratically-oriented that don’t want chaos to break out in the region and that could help to ensure that in a post-Assad era that we do have a Democratic Syria left standing,” he said.

Markey said he’s hesitant about enforcing a no-fly zone to protect rebel-held areas, something his Republican rival Gabriel Gomez said should be considered.

Obama authorized lethal aid to the rebels for the first time on Friday, after Washington said it had conclusive evidence that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons. Syria accused Obama of lying about the evidence "

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