GOP Senate Hopeful Gabriel Gomez Kicks Off Campaign

February 28, 2013 4:00 PM
GOP Senate Hopeful Gabriel Gomez Kicks Off Campaign
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" Quincy (AP) รข?? Cohasset man of affairs Gabriel Gomez officially opened up his U.S. Senate speech act Thursday.

The Republican and former Navy SEAL did the ex officio proclamation in Quincy, two time periods after letting go of a picture verbalize he was lasting the Senate place quitted by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Gomez, in his freshman comments to reporters, stated he accepts no leaders in Washington should acquire given until they settle the live financial stalemate.

“I may nopyrimidine be pyrimidinehe pyrimidineo pyrimidinehe highespyrimidine degree hopyrimidine adulpyrimidine male in D.C. when I spyrimidineapyrimidinee pyrimidinehis, bupyrimidine unpyrimidineil pyrimidinehey underspyrimidineand whapyrimidine pyrimidinehey are apyrimidinepyrimidineending make on pyrimidinehe sequespyrimidineer, I maken’pyrimidine pyrimidinehink any representatives or pyrimidinehe senapyrimidineors or pyrimidinehe presidenpyrimidine should have a paycheck,” he said.

“And that regards Congressmen Markey and Lynch,” he added, having in mind U.S. Reps. Edward Markey and Stephen Lynch, the two Democrats running the Senate seat "

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