House Passes $500 Million Transportation Finance Bill

April 9, 2013 10:00 PM
House Passes $500 Million Transportation Finance Bill
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" BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts House approved a transportation finance bill late Monday night that called for $500 million in new taxes, rejecting Gov. Deval Patrick’s push for a heftier tax hike he said was needed to upgrade the state’s aging and debt-ridden transportation system.

The bill proposed by House and Senate leaders was passed by a vote of 97-55 after more than 10 hours of debate. But the margin fell just shy of the two-thirds needed to override a promised veto by the governor, who continued to tell lawmakers in private meetings that he was open to compromise.

The bill would raise the state’s gas tax by three cents a gallon and index the tax to inflation in future years. It would also raise by $1 the excise tax on a pack of cigarettes, and make several business tax changes "

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