Keller @ Large: A Message For Tom Menino’s Grandchildren

March 17, 2014 12:00 PM
Keller @ Large: A Message For Tom Menino’s Grandchildren
" BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Menino was upbeat about his latest health challenge when he spoke with the media Sunday, addressing his cancer diagnosis with trademark defiance and humor.

But I did notice a cloud over his mood when he talked about his grandchildren, and his concern that they might become upset hearing things about his condition.

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Mayor, I think I can help out here.

Menino grandkids, this one is for you.

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You surely know by now that there’s something special about your grandfather, the way people treat him and go out of their way to greet him.

Many of them do so because he has helped them or a friend or relative in some significant way, creating a program that helped them find housing or medical treatment, maybe helping them find a summer job or raising money to fund their sports team’s trip to an out-of-state tournament "

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