Keller @ Large: Are We In The Age Of Cheats?

August 9, 2012 12:00 AM
Keller @ Large: Are We In The Age Of Cheats?
" BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s face it, few if any of us are without sin of some kind, your faithful commentator included.

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I’m not proud of it, but I admit to sometimes taking more napkins than I need immediately when I get my DD, and I do not always come to a complete stop before taking a right on red.

I refuse to believe that most of us don’t try to be honest and law-abiding, within reason.

But columnist Rich Karlgaard makes a compelling case in the latest Forbes Magazine that we are living in what he calls the “Age of the Cheats,” an era where cutting corners and circumventing the rules to gain advantage are something close to standard operating procedure.

Karlgaard cites some obvious examples from the sports world, the baseball steroids scandal, doping in the cycling world, and so on.

And he notes “rampant” cheating “in everything from education to finance to government. The financial meltdown of 2008 was a bonfire of bad behavior on all sides. Fannie Mae is built on the lie that every American is capable of paying a mortgage "

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