Keller @ Large: Boston Mayor’s Race Is Wide Open

April 1, 2013 8:55 PM
Keller @ Large: Boston Mayor’s Race Is Wide Open
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" BOSTON (CBS) – With Mayor Tom Menino’s announcement he will not seek re-election, the mayor’s race is wide open.

Ray Flynn, who won the last open mayoral race, should know.

“This election will not be won by special interests or paid commercials,” Flynn said. “Everybody has a chance.”

Few gave him a chance when he ran.

Flynn says the candidates for mayor will need to spend time knocking on doors, walking neighborhoods and meeting people in subway stations.

But with the incumbent stepping aside, and the old coalitions of Boston politics weakened by a diverse influx of newer residents, the race to succeed Menino may well be a triumph of the personal over the political "

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