Keller @ Large: Campaigns Now Demolition Derby With Nuclear Missiles

August 31, 2012 12:00 AM
Keller @ Large: Campaigns Now Demolition Derby With Nuclear Missiles
" TAMPA (CBS) – Mitt Romney did a good job with his speech Thursday night even if it likely didn’t sway all that many voters.

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I have no doubt President Obama will do an equally good job with his re-nomination speech next week.

And if that strikes you as an innocuous bit of analysis, let me assure you that by later today there will be angry comments in my inbox and online from Democrats wanting to know how dare I give even mild praise to Romney’s dishonest screed, thus betraying my right-wing bias.

And from Republicans, outrage that I equated Romney with the evil incumbent and his lie-filled rhetoric, a sure sign of being in the Obama tank.

That’s just the way things are today in our ridiculously polarized, garbage strewn political culture, where partisans don’t just agree to disagree, they make it their business to set their phasers on vaporize and use all the online tools at their disposal to ensure that even if some day collaboration might be in order, there will be no one left standing to collaborate with "

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