Keller @ Large: Connolly And Walsh Making Progress With Campaigns

October 16, 2013 12:00 PM
Keller @ Large: Connolly And Walsh Making Progress With Campaigns
" BOSTON (CBS) – If you tuned in to Tuesday night’s first Boston mayoral debate on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 or WBZ-TV (watch it here if you missed it), you saw something rare in our modern-day political discourse – a confrontation between two political competitors that really wasn’t a confrontation at all.

There were moments when John Connolly and Marty Walsh dwelled on their differences.

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Connolly essentially suggested that Walsh, a former private-sector union president and longtime advocate for union interests on Beacon Hill, was so in the tank to labor that he can’t properly represent the entire city’s interests in City Hall. Walsh implied that Connolly would struggle to understand the concerns of working-class Bostonians because of his relatively privileged upbringing.

Neither claim seems especially compelling "

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