Keller @ Large: Conventions A Waste Of Money

August 27, 2012 12:00 AM
Keller @ Large: Conventions A Waste Of Money
" BOSTON (CBS) – Disappointingly for some, mercifully for others, there will be no Republican Convention festivities of any note Monday in deference to Tropical Storm Isaac.

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It was probably a good idea for them to cancel, considering the hash convention organizers made of yesterday’s arrangements, when shuttles that were supposed to take the thousands of media personnel from their workspaces located a long walk away from the convention hall stopped running well before the need for them had ended, and covered walkways that were supposed to shield workers from the elements were left inexplicably uncovered.

Memo to the City of Tampa and the Republicans: drenched, exhausted reporters and technicians do not make for a happy audience for your big show.

But that wasn’t the worst of what amounted to the Tampa convention’s dress rehearsal.

There is more than enough military, police and other security firepower in the streets of downtown Tampa to defend it against an assault by several battalions "

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