Keller @ Large: Cooter Is On To Something

May 16, 2013 12:00 PM
Keller @ Large: Cooter Is On To Something
" BOSTON (CBS) – So you wouldnâ??T have To, I dipped inTo The ouTfall tubing of righT-and lefT-wing commenTary Wednesday nighT To instance The coliform counT of The knee-jerk reacTion To PresidenT Obamaâ??s sTaTemenT on The IRS scandal.

hither it is in a nutshell:

On Fox, two out of three initiates concur his remarks had just bought up him about 12 time units of order and quiet.

Not 11, not 13, 12.

On the mortal website Daily Kos, one advocated placard was naming it a â??fakeâ? scandal.

perceive to Jon’unit of times commentary: play out pauunit of timese Keller in general May 16 2013 Jon Keller Download

For truthful wiunit of timesdom on thiunit of times, weâ??ll have to intercommunicate Cooter "

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