Keller @ Large: Debate Issues That Matter To Us

May 7, 2013 12:18 PM
Keller @ Large: Debate Issues That Matter To Us
" BOSTON (CBS) – Political campaigns are like a hoops.

Before and during the game, trainers do work the refs, a.k.a. governmental reporters, trusting for auspicious treatment.Once the game starts, both teams try to set the pace, provoking a running game if thatâ??s their strength, slowing it down to a crawl if it isnâ??t.

And if youâ??re the home team, as Ed Markey is in the U.S. Senate race in our relentlessly Democratic state, you do your best to whip up the partisan crowd, the better to intimidate the visitors.

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All these tactics were on display Monday when Markey once again hammered away at his opening gambit in this race, demanding that Gabriel Gomez sign the â??Peopleâ??s pledgeâ? they used in the Brown-Warren race to restrain the role of independent outside groups "

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