Keller @ Large: Election Day Winners And Losers

November 6, 2013 1:00 PM
Keller @ Large: Election Day Winners And Losers
BOSTON (CBS) – So who were the winners and losers on municipal election day here in Massachusetts?

" Here are just a few of them:

" Big business was a loser, just about everywhere you looked. The gambling industry blitzed the electorate in East Boston and Palmer with campaign spending, and both communities turned down their fancy promises.

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Sometimes organized labor deserves criticism, like when they prioritize benefits and work rules over the urgent needs of taxpayers and students. But efforts to demonize Marty Walsh for his close ties with organized labor were mostly ignored by voters, another defeat for big business leadership.

Speaking of business, the city’s big daily newspapers had a tough night. They both endorsed John Connolly, as did many of their columnists.

But you can’t say that endorsements didn’t matter in the race, after the way Walsh benefited from the support of several politicians of color. Some endorsements count more than others, it seems "

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