Keller @ Large: Elizabeth Warren’s Rookie Mistake

July 19, 2013 12:16 PM
Keller @ Large: Elizabeth Warren’s Rookie Mistake
" BOSTON (CBS) – Very few of the problems confronting our elected officials in Washington appear to have easy, obvious solutions.

If they did, even those guys could have solved them by now.

And one of the most complicated problems of them all is higher education: the soaring cost of it, the overwhelming demand for it, and the scary trillion-dollar debt bubble created by all the borrowing we’ve done to get it.

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It’s a tough, complex issue, with urgent implications for the social mobility, economic fairness and fiscal health of our country.

I don’t have any snappy answers to it.

But after watching Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrestle with it over the last few months, I’m pretty sure her approach isn’t the way forward.

Warren has a great point when she rails against spending priorities that devalue education "

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